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Driven by Success

Established in 2006, Pro Linen has been one of India's premier B2B linen suppliers for over 15 years.

We are the brand that many eminent names in the service industry trust. From hotels, resorts, hospitals, health care centres, bed and breakfasts, spas to yoga centres, we have been the silent partners behind the scenes. Our products range over numerous categories spanning all the essential accoutrements concerning home and banquet decor. All manufactured in house.

We at Pro Linen believe that the growth of our valued customers and our personal growth go hand in hand. Since 2021, we have expanded our scope from B2B services to include B2C. We offer retail buyers as well as wholesale buyers our quality products and services.

We currently offer free shipping within Bengaluru and paid shipping to the rest of India, but as we have always endeavoured to, Pro Linen has plans to expand our network to serve more destinations across Asia and beyond.

Modern Bed with Luxurious Bedding made by Pro Linen


We at Pro Linen believe in delivering value above all else. We only invest in materials that pass the scrutiny of our high standards. Excellence in all we do is what we think our patrons deserve and that is the expectation to which we hold ourselves at Pro Linen.

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